Why does Instagram Make Marketing So Difficult?

Yes, I put it out there. Marketers whisper about it in our Facebook groups, but really I’m putting it out in the world. Instagram makes life difficult for businesses. Problems with Instagram 1. It’s so damn mobile-friendly, you can’t access it on your lap top. I had a huge fight with my IT department about […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Use Canva for Social Media Graphics

First, I want to be clear that I am not being compensated by Canva.Com. I just love the product and believe if you are a business owner, it is worth your time to use it. Canva is a website that allows you to manipulate your pictures. You can change the size, insert text, create grids […]

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Stop! You Can’t Use That Picture

We are so used to everything being free on the Internet that we rarely think about paying for pictures or visual images. But especially when you use an image for marketing, you need to be careful. Not all images are free and using them could cost you a lawsuit or at least a fee to […]

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