Do you have a social media policy for your company?

Every day the headlines are full of companies damaged by something their employees posted on social media. It may have been something they put on the company page, but sometimes it’s on their personal page. For example, one company had customer service representatives posting about conversations they had during the day. They talked about the […]

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Spiritual social media, where should religious institutions draw the line?

Is everything fair game for Facebook? Some people post every waking moment of their day on social media — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But what about organizations, particularly religious organizations? Should every activity be fair game? The dilemma occurs because religious organizations need to raise their presence in the community to increase membership and stay viable. […]

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Is it Really Time to Deactivate Your Facebook Account?

Today’s the day that Facebook comes clean about the 87 million people whose information was compromised by Cambridge Analytica. It was a lead story on the Today Show this morning. The current Facebook controversy reminds me of my daughter’s favorite Disney flick, “Beauty and the Beast.” The villagers storm the castle with torches and pitchforks […]

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