3 Reasons You Should Follow Other Business Pages and How To Do It

Have you ever wonder what other businesses are doing to get customers in the door? Have you ever wished you were a fly on the wall listening to all of your competitors ideas? Or maybe you’re wondering how to support other businesses in the community? Here’s how you can do all those things in a […]

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What I learned at Social Media Marketing World 2018?

It’s my second year at Social Media Marketing World and the most important thing I learned is that it won’t be my last. Social Media Is no longer the domain of Millennials posting cat videos or individuals ranting about politics, it’s big business and the changes coming will be fast and furious. Facebook, still the […]

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Gain Control Over Your Facebook Newsfeed.

After much negative publicity during the last election, Facebook is making changes to improve the user experience. Some of these changes have already taken effect and you may have noticed a big difference in your Newsfeed. Facebook is pushing posts into your Newsfeed that have more interaction. Posts that promote conversation. Posts that not only […]

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