Is Organic Reach on Facebook No Longer an Option?

As a social media strategist, I often hear that organic reach is dead. That if you do not advertise or boost a post on Facebook that you will never reach anyone, not even your most loyal fans. I would agree with that statement to a certain extent; however, there are exceptions. I am fortunate enough […]

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Spiritual social media, where should religious institutions draw the line?

Is everything fair game for Facebook? Some people post every waking moment of their day on social media — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But what about organizations, particularly religious organizations? Should every activity be fair game? The dilemma occurs because religious organizations need to raise their presence in the community to increase membership and stay viable. […]

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How to Evangelize your Social Media?

Have you ever met someone who has recently converted to a new religion or discovered a new idea and can’t stop talking about it? What if that new idea was your business? Can we talk? Are you excited about your business? Do you go in everyday saying, “YaHoo, I get to work today? I get […]

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