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How can you set your business apart during the holidays?

How To Set Your Business Apart During the Hollidays

Ready, set go! Friday began the foot race leading to Christmas Day. Businesses vie for customers’s dollars in order to turn their bottom line from red to black. Although consumers are ready to spend, they are also inundated with marketing: commercials, postcard, catalogs, social media posts and ads, emails, texts, phone calls. It’s overwhelming to […]

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Spiritual social media, where should religious institutions draw the line?

Is everything fair game for Facebook? Some people post every waking moment of their day on social media — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But what about organizations, particularly religious organizations? Should every activity be fair game? The dilemma occurs because religious organizations need to raise their presence in the community to increase membership and stay viable. […]

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What Can a Small Business Owner Learn From an Ice Skater?

When my daughter was young, we used to watch ice skating all the time. She liked the beautiful costumes, pretty music and young girls, not much older than herself, who were in the spotlight. Of course I liked all those things, but what I really loved was the lessons that ice skating teaches. Sometimes a […]

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Shopping Small is More Important Than Ever This Year

2018 was a challenging year for businesses in the Catonsville and Ellicott City area. A weekend of rain left businesses devastated, many of whom are still feeling the affects of the Memorial Day flood. But entrepreneurs are tough! Many of them have decided to continue in business despite the challenges. They are rebuilding and remaining […]

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What I learned being a one-armed paper hanger

Growing up, my family often used the expression, “I’m busier than a one-armed paper hanger. ” Maybe that’s because I come from a family of wallpaper hangers. I’m not sure. I  never truly understood that expression until I broke my left arm a couple ofmonths ago. Being a lefty and having a broken arm has taught […]

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Business Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

Being a small business owner definitely can have it’s ups and downs. Those who speak of being your own boss have probably never owned a business. True, you make your own decisions, but every customer is your boss and every decision has consequences. It’s easy to doubt yourself and worry as to whether or not […]

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