Seniors and Social Media: It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Women over 50 is the fastest growing demographic on social media. Even with all its problems, social media is a great way for all ages to connect, and now it’s easier than ever.

I have been lucky enough to teach a social media class at a senior living community for the past month. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

I have taught this class before. The first time I taught it, I thought I was explaining from the beginning, but I needed to back up a few steps and start over. It’s not that people over 65 can’t do social media, it’s just that they need more instruction.

Social media for people over 65, heck even over 50, is like a foreign country. If you landed some place and didn’t know the language, no one would expect you to start speaking fluently. You would start with the basics.

For seniors, the basics may be a little more basic than it is to someone born into it.

But the benefits of social media for seniors is connection. So many of our people over 65 live in isolation. There is a huge problem with loneliness and lack of connection. Social media can help seniors connect with families, friends, even friends from long ago and like- minded people.

Of course, with any new tool, there are rules for using social media safely. Seniors and all people on social media need to be taught what to look for regarding scams, fake news and privacy. However, once they have the basic instruction, social media can open up a whole new world of connections.

For me, I love being a part of helping people get on Facebook or Instagram to see pictures of their grand kids or to connect with a childhood friend. For all the negative social media has brought into our lives, it has also brought joy.

If you are interested in creating a class for seniors or would just like a little more information about this topic, drop me a line at

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