How can you set your business apart during the holidays?

How To Set Your Business Apart During the Hollidays

Ready, set go! Friday began the foot race leading to Christmas Day. Businesses vie for customers’s dollars in order to turn their bottom line from red to black.

Although consumers are ready to spend, they are also inundated with marketing: commercials, postcard, catalogs, social media posts and ads, emails, texts, phone calls. It’s overwhelming to the consumer and to a business owner with shallow pockets, it may seems as though their is no way to compete.

So what can a small business do?

1. Reach out to your best customers. The people who already know your business and love your products will want to share them with their friends. Or maybe they will ask friends and family to purchase gifts or gift cards for services from your store. Reach out to them with direct, targeted marketing just for them. Let them know what special products you have available and invite the. To any special events you may have.

2. Use emotion to tell your story. What pictures will people react to? Make sure that your visuals will not easily be ignored in the visual clutter that is the holiday season. There’s a reason Xfinity is using ET commercials this time of year.

3. Make them laugh, if appropriate. People are stressed trying to produce the perfect holiday or purchase the perfect gift. Everyone needs a good chuckle. This is a great time for businesses to infuse some G-rated fun into advertising. Sarcasm may not translate so be very careful. Still, a little chuckle may bring customers into your store or to your online site.

What’s most important this holiday season is to make your customers feel the spirit of the season. Stay positive and smiling no matter how challenging your day. Keeping the spirit in your heat may be just what you need to put dollars in your pockets.

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