Do you have a social media policy for your company?

Every day the headlines are full of companies damaged by something their employees posted on social media. It may have been something they put on the company page, but sometimes it’s on their personal page.

For example, one company had customer service representatives posting about conversations they had during the day. They talked about the stupidity of people calling in with enough information to identify who that person might be. This information was on their personal page, but the employee identified themselves as working for that organization. Because there was no social media policy in place, the employee given a verbal warning, but no real action could be taken.

Every company, no matter the size, should have a policy in place with expectations related to social media posting.

Are political postings allowed? One business owner told me he would never impose restrictions on employees with regard to political postings. Other companies may ask their employees to refrain from defamatory comments about famous individuals or politicians.

Some companies want to restrict information about what is happening in the company and what happens in meetings. Other companies encourage their employees to share information.

It’s important to include policies with regard to clients and their policies. For example, an intern posted a picture of a celebrity receiving treatment at a hospital. The intern was at the hospital as an outside contractor and was not aware the photo was a privacy violation.

Start the conversation. Set up expectations. Work to ensure that if your company goes viral, it’s for a positive reason.

If you need assistance writing a policy, contact me:



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