The Importance of Marketing Offline

For Mother’s Day ,my daughter bought me hiking poles. I was going on a walking tour of Italy and have been known to have issues with balance so I asked my daughter to get me the poles.

Last week, this note came in the mail to her. Since she lives in Australia, I opened it and found this note. It was a follow up six months later from the company that sold her the poles. If it had been an email, I would have deleted it. But instead, I opened it, read it and am now sharing it with you. It’s not hand written, but it appears to be at first glance.

In addition, there was a card asking for a review if I liked the product and used it. The poles saved by life as I trekked down a mountain in the rain, so yes I liked them

Note from companyAs a Social Media Marketing Specialist, I help businesses get noticed online. But what you do offline is just as important. What could you do to connect with your customers on a personal level? Send a note. Remember their birthday, if you know when it is.

Everyone wants to feel special and important. Making customers feel this way will create customer loyalty and trust and help with your bottom line. But what’s more important is how people feel about your company and you can’t buy a good reputation.

This week, take steps to reach out to customers on the personal level, especially your best customers. Let them know they are important through a note, call or personal email. It can make a difference.

If you need help with your online or offline marketing, email me at and don’t forget to follow me on social media at @itsallgeek2me.

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