Why does Instagram Make Marketing So Difficult?

Yes, I put it out there. Marketers whisper about it in our Facebook groups, but really I’m putting it out in the world. Instagram makes life difficult for businesses.

Problems with Instagram

1. It’s so damn mobile-friendly, you can’t access it on your lap top.

I had a huge fight with my IT department about this issue. Instagram posts and interactions are only accessible on mobile devices. I tried to explain this to IT and they said yes I could access it on a lap top and did not need to be issued a phone. That is not true. To post or interact you need a mobile device.

2. There is no scheduling mechanism built into Instagram.

With a Facebook business page, you can schedule posts right in Facebook. With Instagram, you must post to Instagram or your story immediately. That means all posting is done in the moment, which doesn’t work for most marketers. Instagram has implemented Creator, but it is glitchy and not imbedded in the platform.

3. It’s Difficult to Share Posts

On Facebook, you can easily share another post if it is marked public. On Instagram you have to get a 3rd party app in order to share your posts. It’s challenging.

3. There is a bug that is that is now identifying users as breaking Instagram policy and threatening to shut down Your page if you use a third party app.

Really! Just really! I found out about that through Hootsuite, not Instagram after they threaten to shut down two of my accounts.

So Why Use It?

1. Instagram is beautiful.

I am constantly amazed by the images that I see on Instagram and how creative companies are and that’s why…

2. People are using it.

Everyday more and more people are finding Instagram. They also spend a lot of time on Instagram especially if you include stories and videos. You have to go where your customers are.

3. Reaches the under 35 demographic.

Although Instagram is growing with an older demographic, it is the place to be if you are looking for a younger demographic. Millennials having money. They are growing up and want to spend money.


So what to companies do?

Be aware of the issues you may face when using Instagram. Get someone who knows what they are doing to set you up on Instagram and then be selective in your images. Think about what that audience would like and cater to them. STRONG VISUALS. HASHTAGS. STORIES.

Realize when your marketer tells you Instagram takes more time than other platforms, believe them. If you need additional help, email me at kparis@itsallgeek2me.org.

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