Is Organic Reach on Facebook No Longer an Option?

As a social media strategist, I often hear that organic reach is dead. That if you do not advertise or boost a post on Facebook that you will never reach anyone, not even your most loyal fans.

I would agree with that statement to a certain extent; however, there are exceptions. I am fortunate enough to work with one of those exceptions, Narcissus Salon, and would like to share why they have great organic numbers on Facebook and what you can do to increase your reach.

A Partnership

One of the reasons that Narcissus Salon is so successful on Facebook is that as their social media strategist I work with them as a partner. They are business owners who take social media seriously. We work together on campaigns and exchange ideas. We don’t always agree, but we talk about the best way to move forward and keep in close communication.

Super fans

They have Superfans. In Pat Flynn’s new book, Superfans, he talks about creating a community of people who help promote your business. Narcissus has Superfans in the community and on their staff. These are people who comment, like and share Narcissus content just because they love the owners and the business.

How did Narcissus get Superfans? One way has been to constantly offer a premium product. They have trained stylist who know their craft. Their salon is a comfortable, positive atmosphere with friendly staff who know their customers. But that’s not enough.

People to People

Kathy and Kristen, the owners, have always made a point of being part of the community. They support nonprofits, participate in the Chamber and donate to Silent Auctions.

In addition, they have an amazing story of two young women with a vision to grow their passion for salon services into a business. I have actually known Kristen since she was 19. Anyone who has known them over the years is not surprised by their success.

Lessons Learned

Some people think social media is about likes, comments and follows. But like every other part of life, it’s about relationships. Their customers are important to them. Often they have liked or commented on a customer’s post before I get a chance to comment. They understand that taking care of people and making them feel special is truly the key to a successful business.

Recently, they were so busy, they missed an important moment in one of their customer’s lives. They were so upset with themselves. Because to them, every customer is family.

True success on social media starts offline with caring about your customer.

For more information about helping you become more successful on social media, email me at or message me on Facebook @itsallgeek2me.

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