What is UGC and Why Is It Important?

You may have heard the term UGC otherwise known as User Generated Content. It is the most valuable type of content in the social media universe. It is exactly what it sounds like, you get your customers to create posts for you. But how do you do that?

One way to get UGC is to just ask. You could ask your customers and followers to post photos of their favorite product or service from your business. Or you could encourage them to tag your business in their posts.

It can be as simple as asking a question related to your business. Be careful of the phrasing because you want to make sure the posts stay positive.

All encourage your customers and followers to tag you in their posts.

The most important part of this concept is to make sure you have set up your business so it can be tagged.

  1. Click on Setting on Your Business Facebook Page
  2. Go to: “Other Tagging this page”
  3. Make sure to check “Allow people and other Pages to tag

Another way is to ask followers to message your business photos that you can then post on your page. People love to see themselves on social media and will be more than willing to provide you with photos.

If you want UGC on Instagram, create a unique hashtag for your users to tag their content. Make sure to comment, like and share any content using your hashtag. You can even offer incentives for people using your hashtag.

Remember the first word is “social.” These platforms are all about interaction. Make your customers the star of your social media and it will pay you dividends.

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