Small Business Owners Can Help Each Other on Social Media

You’re on social media. Your customers are on social media. So why are you not connecting?

It may be a problem with real estate.

There’s only so much space in a newsfeed and both personal and commercial posts are vying for the same property. Sometimes it’s difficult to get traction.

But just like the Beatles, you can “Get by with a little help from your friends.”

Working with other business owners can actually help both your business and their business with visibility on social media.

How does it work?

1) Find other businesses on social media that would be complimentary to your business. These may be other businesses in your community or businesses that you do business with.

2) “Like” those pages as your business page so they will become part of your Newsfeed.

3) When you see those businesses come up in your feed, make sure to like and comment. If you see that the business is using a particular hashtag, make sure to use it as appropriate. You can even share that business’ posts on your business or personal pages.

4) Different platforms evaluate interaction differently. On Instagram, only a comment of three words makes an impact in the algorithm. So be mindful when helping your partners. Don’t simply go through liking all the posts, make sure to also comment.

5) If another business comments on your page, make sure to respond with a “like”and comment.

6) When appropriate, tag other businesses in your post.

Working together as a community to help other businesses is good for everyone. Not only will other businesses be more likely to share your posts, but also, it demonstrates to your customers you commitment to community.

If you need more assistance with your social media, contact me:

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