3 Reasons You Should Follow Other Business Pages and How To Do It

Have you ever wonder what other businesses are doing to get customers in the door? Have you ever wished you were a fly on the wall listening to all of your competitors ideas? Or maybe you’re wondering how to support other businesses in the community?

Here’s how you can do all those things in a few easy steps

Everything you want to know about your competitors, partners or friends is on social media. You can find out:

  1. Specials they are offering
  2. Customers opinions about them
  3. Their next great idea

Of course, you can like all their pages and wait for them to come up in your newsfeed, but there are easier ways to get the information you need in one place.

You can like other pages as your page.

To like a pages as you page, go to the Facebook page you want to “like” and click on the three dots next to share.

Then choose “Like Page as Your Page.”

like a page as a page

Once you have liked the page as your page you can access it from your page in two ways.

On the right-hand side of your page, there is a section “Pages Liked By Your Page”.

like page as your page 2


The names are visible on the right side of your page. Click on any name and you will be taken to that page. For more pages, click on the > next to “Pages Liked By This Page.” All the pages you have liked will be there.




There is another way to see the pages in a newsfeed so you can see them all together, how often they are posting and what they are posting.

Create your own personal url. If you go to: http://www.facebook.com/********/pages_feed, then you will see a newsfeed of the pages you have liked. (The asterisks represent your page name.) This is a great, easy way to check out what other pages are doing. (Thanks to Martin Kaiser for helping me find an answer to this question.)

This is one more way to make social media work for you. If you need help with your social media, DM me @itsallgeek2me or email me at kparis@itsallgeek2me.org.




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