Why Tim Cook Should Hire Me?

I was reading an article yesterday entitled, “Why Tim Cook Should Hire Your Grandmother?” It was an interesting read about how young the tech world works and how they just don’t understand the needs of the aging population.

Some of you might not even know who Tim Cook is. He’s the new Steve Jobs at Apple and has lead the company to be the first Trillion dollar company. But Tim, there’ still room to grow.

I’m not a grandmother, although I am technically old enough to be one. But I have many other qualities besides my age that make me a great hire for Apple. If you know Tim Cook, have him give me a call.

1.I love Apple. I have an iPhone, iPad, a MAC and AirPods. I own Apple stock. I even have a t-shirt from the headquarters. I am the company’s biggest cheerleader.

2. I am a teacher. I have spent my life teaching multiple subjects from public speaking to weight loss to social media marketing. I am good at learning things well enough so I can explain them to others.

3. I am good at figuring things out. I am not afraid of pushing buttons until I find a solution. And if there is a way to break something, I’m find it.

4. I have an Internet following and a social media presence so I will be able to promote new products and push out information.

5. I am a tech interpreter. I can decode the information that the techies are distributing and break it down into language that my fellow Boomers can understand.

So Tim Cook if you’re reading this, I’m ready to negotiate.

Let me know if there’s anyone out there what wants to join me at Apple headquarters. Maybe we can give him a discount for bundling.

Just in case Tim doesn’t call, I am available to help you with your social media needs whether you want one time consulting or ongoing social media management. Contact me at: kparis@itsallgeek2me.org.

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