What I learned being a one-armed paper hanger

Growing up, my family often used the expression, “I’m busier than a one-armed paper hanger. ” Maybe that’s because I come from a family oKaren & Castf wallpaper hangers. I’m not sure. I  never truly understood that expression until I broke my left arm a couple ofmonths ago. Being a lefty and having a broken arm has taught me many lessons that I was just too stubborn to learn any other way.

As a self-professed control freak, I’ve had relinquish control of many things and ask for assistance with even the simplest of tasks. For example, one day I was in my house and I couldn’t get a pickle jar open. It may sound ridiculous, but not being able to do these minor tasks has been very frustrating.

But I have learned several lessons that I think will serve me well, even after I get my cast off.

1) Where there’s a will there’s a way — Although I was never able to fully figure out how to open a pickle jar by myself, I have learned how to do many other every day tasks in unique ways that I never would have thought of otherwise. For example, I’ve learned how to use dictation on my laptop so I can write blogs, Facebook posts etc.

2) Sometimes you need to ask for help —  After a number of mishaps including a broken bottle of wine, I learned that it’s ok to ask for help. In fact, sometimes it necessary. I try to do as much as I can, but I’ve learned it’s ok to ask for help. However, if you do, you have to do #3.

3) Sometimes you can’t be in charge — I have a had to allow other people to drive me while I calmly sit in the passenger seat trying not to tell them how to drive. This might sound easy for some of you, but for me this has been a challenging tasks that has taught me to relinquish control and to be patient. AI have also learned that other people have ways of doing things that are not necessarily wrong, they’re just different from your way.

4) Slow down — Putting on my shoes and tying the laces can take upwards of 20 minutes. Getting dressed and brushing my hair, 45 minutes to an hour. Everything takes so much longer than I want it to. I have had to become a student in the art of patience. This lesson has been the most difficult.

My cast is coming off in a few weeks and I know there will be many months of physical therapy. I can’t say I have enjoyed the experience; however, the lessons I learned have been invaluable and will make a difference in my life moving forward.

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