Is it Really Time to Deactivate Your Facebook Account?

Today’s the day that Facebook comes clean about the 87 million people whose information was compromised by Cambridge Analytica. It was a lead story on the Today Show this morning.

The current Facebook controversy reminds me of my daughter’s favorite Disney flick, “Beauty and the Beast.” The villagers storm the castle with torches and pitchforks screaming, “Kill the Beast.”

Everyday I read articles about people deactivating their Facebook accounts. The trending hashtag is #deactivatefacebook. But are we really ready to kill this beast?

According to Social Media Today, the average person spends two hours a day on social media, 35 of those minutes on Facebook. Without Facebook, we might just have to talk to each other.

But maybe it’s not about deactivating accounts. Maybe it’s more about using social media responsibly and being more cautious.

Most people have never checked their privacy settings and don’t know the policies surrounding privacy and how information is shared.

I don’t believe it’s time to abandon social media. It’s about using it more responsibly. It’s important to remember why you like it: keeping in touch with friends far away, sharing photos and celebrating with friends.

The more you know, the more you can protect yourself and your information. Take the time to review Facebook’s data policy. Find out the types of information collected, how that information is shared and how you can manage and delete that information.

This breach will have serious implications for individuals as well as Facebook. But it’s been a wake up call for everyone that we need to pay attention to what we do online and hold platforms accountable when they put profit over customer service.

Being an informed user can allow you to continue using social media while protecting yourself and your information. Maybe it’s not time to kill the Beast, but rather tame it.

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