7 Need-to-Knows for Social Media Marketing

I spent this weekend creating my new syllabus for my next class. A couple of years ago, I began teaching health professionals social media marketing. These individuals, mostly women, will be small business owners responsible for attracting clients in an already crowded marketplace. Most of them start with little money, major debt from school and a desire to build a business quickly. My job is to show them how to use social media to grow their business’ online presence and hopefully grow their business.

We fit a lot into this class, there are a few take aways I want the students to leave with.

1. Business social media is totally different from personal social media. Even people who have personal experience with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t always know what to do when it comes to their business. It’s very different.

2. Master one platform rather than trying to post on all platforms. Each social media platform has a purpose and an audience. We examine who is their target audience and which is the right platform for that audience. Too many businesses make the mistake of trying to be on every platform and then end up not posting at all.

3. Invite your friends and family to like and share your social media marketing sites. Although they may not ultimately be your customer, they have friends who may be. It’s a quick way to grow your page.

4. You have to spend money. Although social media marketing is less expense than traditional marketing, you have to be willing to commit some funds to advertising. Advertising will raise your profile more quickly and help people learn more about what you are offering.

5. Social media advertising is more targeted. Good or bad, social media knows a lot about its users. You can put parameters around your advertising so the right people see your message. You can even download an email list into Facebook so you can target those individuals Facebook pages.

6. Social media does not necessarily lead to business, it leads to exposure. Social media is part of an overall marketing plan. There is still a place for direct mail, networking and sponsoring events.

7. Consistency is key. Having a social media platform like Facebook is a responsibility. You have to attend to it like a plant or a pet. If you choose to market through social media, then you have to post, respond to comments and review the insights so  you keep getting better.

The syllabus is complete and I am excited to be starting another in June. I love helping small business owners and future small business owners. If you have more questions, contact me kparis@itsallgeek2me.org.

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