7 Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is still the number one site for B2B commerce.  Although many companies encourage their employees to have up-to-date profiles or have company pages, many have not ventures into LinkedIn advertising. How do you know whether LinkedIn is the right advertising vehicle for you? Here are 7 facts that may help you decide.

  1. You need to have a company page before you can advertise on LinkedIn. Even if you are not sure you will need it, claim your company page today just in case.
  2. You will need to set up a Campaign Manager account on Facebook. It’s free to set up and LinkedIn has instructions on creating ads.
  3. Compared to Facebook or Instagram advertising, LinkedIn advertising expensive.  According to A J Wilcox, LinkedIn expert, LinkedIn advertising costs approximately $6 a click, which is more than three times that of Facebook. However a customer on LinkedIn could be with hundreds even thousands of dollars in business. Be ready to to spend big.
  4. With LinkedIn advertising you can specifically target the type of company you want to do business with. You can target size, industry, location and the level of the employee.
  5. You can upload an email list into LinkedIn so that your advertisement will show up on those individuals pages. Again, if your company has a list of work email addresses, LinkedIn in the place to advertise. People rarely use their work email to sign up for Facebook.
  6. You can create lead forms for your LinkedIn advertising campaign. This can help you determine individuals who are really interested in your services.
  7. According to A J Wilcox, LinkedIn is a great way to reach the real decision makers in a company. While high level executives may delegate their email to their assistants, most manage their own LinkedIn profile. It’s a place to get noticed by the right people.

If you need help with LinkedIn or want to set up a workshop for your company, contact me. I can help you and your employees make sure you are using LinkedIn to its true potential. kparis@itsallgeek2me.org.


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