What I learned at Social Media Marketing World 2018?

It’s my second year at Social Media Marketing World and the most important thing I learned is that it won’t be my last.

Social Media Is no longer the domain of Millennials posting cat videos or individuals ranting about politics, it’s big business and the changes coming will be fast and furious.

Facebook, still the grand daddy of social media, was the main topic of conversation as individuals battled over whether or not Mark Zuckerberg had declared war on marketers and businesses. With Zuckerberg’s announcement about changing the Feed to produce more engagement, marketers believed their posts would be buried and their online presence diminished. But marketers who produce content that their customers want to see and who produce real engagement, will still see their posts appearing regularly. Others will have to step up their game. By producing better quality posts and increasing ad spend, businesses will still be able to leverage the power of Facebook.

Facebook is still a viable marketing tool and according to Mari Smith, Facebook guru, it will soon be expanding. Facebook owns Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and What’s App. Marketing is going to be moving from mass markets to creating an individual user experience.

In order to do this, these platforms will be making the most of the emerging technology, bots. The topic of using bots to market was front and center, Messenger will become more and more important in the United States and What’s App throughout the World.

And what about Facebook Watch, Facebook’s answer to NetFlix and Amazon Prime. Mari Smith said marketers, particularly content generators should get ready for this to be the next big thing. This is what the next generation will be watching.

Essentially Mass Marketing is over and we have gone back to what marketing was originally, person to person. Social media can allow marketers to create an experience that speaks directly to their customers and helps them achieve their goals.

Facebook probably knows more about its users than their mothers do and uses this information for effective ad placement. The upside to this is it allows marketers to create a personalized experience, which allows a business to best maximize its time and money.

As a business, if you can solve a person’s problem or fulfill a need, they will be your customer. They will not only be your customer, they will be happy. And a happy customer is your best marketing tool.

This year bots or automatic response systems will be a marketers best friend. However, overuse of any platform can ruin a good thing. As Mari Smith said, “When marketers move in, members move out.”

If you have questions or any other blog, drop me a line at kparis@itsallgeek2me.org.

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