Gain Control Over Your Facebook Newsfeed.

After much negative publicity during the last election, Facebook is making changes to improve the user experience. Some of these changes have already taken effect and you may have noticed a big difference in your Newsfeed.

Facebook is pushing posts into your Newsfeed that have more interaction. Posts that promote conversation. Posts that not only have likes, but also have back and forth conversation between followers.

While the idea sounds good, it may severely limit what posts you see and from whom. Family, friends and business not deemed interesting to the Facebook community will not show up in your feed. You may also find that if you belong to groups, they will be the ONLY posts you see in your Newsfeed.

However with a few changes, you can decide what you want to see by making use of some of the tools that Facebook has available to you.

The key to these changes is the “Following” button under the Cover Photo of any friend or page you have “Liked.” There is a down arrow next to “Following.” By clicking on the “See First” option from the drop down menu, you will see posts from that person or page at the top of your Newsfeed. This feature also allows you to “Unfollow” people and pages. That means that you do not have to “Unfriend” people to avoid seeing their posts. With “Unfollow,” you can still stay friends with people you care about without having to see their posts. Facebook has given you the tools to control your feed. It’s important that you prioritize what you see.

If you are seeing too many posts from groups you belong to, you can also make changes in those setting. Click on the ” Joined” button and select “Edit Notifications” from the drop down menu. You can then decide how often you see those posts in your Newsfeed.

Hopefully these changes will make your Newsfeed better for the way you use Facebook.  While I applaud Facebook’s intent, its plan is not working. To keep up-to-date on all things social media, make sure to mark ItsAllGeek2Me as “See First” in your Newsfeed.

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