Is this the End of Facebook Marketing?

The Facebook announcement about changes to how Business Facebook pages will show up in users Newsfeeds had rocked the social media marketing industry. In its attempt to improve the user’s experience, Facebook will be limiting the organic reach of Pages that do not have significant interaction. That interaction is not simply liking and commenting on a page. Instead, interaction will be judged by users interacting with one another. While that type of interaction does happen on some pages, it is more challenging to garner.

Therefore, to make it simple to understand, NO ONE WILL SEE YOUR PAGE. With space on Facebook at a premium, this change serves two ends. It will theoretically make users happier and second it will increase revenue for Facebook as companies will have to increase advertising to be seen.

So what can you do?

It’s really difficult to know how this will affect pages until its implemented and how to counteract it, but there are still some common sense approaches that should assist you.

  • Ask Loyal Followers to mark Your Page — Encourage your followers to mark your page as See this first By changing these preferences, they will never miss a post and it will increase your page’s reach.
  • Employee interaction — More than ever, it is important to ask employees to engage with your page. They must actually go to your page to interact or set as “See This First” because it may not initially show up in their newsfeed. They should not only like and comment, but also interact with each other.
  • Share to Your Personal Page —  Even though we talk about keeping professional and personal separate, that line will blur with these changes. Share posts to your personal page to increase interaction.
  • Increase advertising budget — There will be even more of a need to advertise on Facebook since organic reach will be non-existent for many businesses.
  • Branch out to other platforms — It may be time to devote less time to marketing on Facebook and review other options. Instagram is growing everyday and with an optimum market for many businesses (individuals under 35 with discretionary income) adding this platform may be a good option. It may also be a good time start exploring videos and leveraging YouTube.
  • Post Content Your Followers Want — What posts create interaction? Review the interaction history on your page and determine what types of posts cause people to engage. Those are the types of posts that you need to focus on. Make sure you have the content people want to see and they will be more likely to seek you out.
  • Keep Following Me — I promise to make sure you have the most up-to-date information on how these changes will affect your business.

If you have questions, send them to kparis@itsallgeek2me,org.

Thank you to Michael Stelzner for clarifying this information in the following video:


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