Three Reasons Why You Should Be on LinkedIn

“Does anyone really use LinkedIn?” I hear this question all the time as I try to convince my clients that they need to increase their presence on this social media platform. Some have a profile, but they don’t manage it and haven’t updated it since they first created it. All they really know is that they get notifications from people who want to connect or notifications to congratulate one of their connections.

But LinkedIn is so much more than that. It is recognized as the number one platform for business-to-business communications and according to Business Insider, it is the go to site for high-income earners, those making over $75,000 a year. A new report, BI Intelligence, reports that 45 percent of all internet users in this demographic are on LinkedIn.

If that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons you not only need to be on LinkedIn, but also pay attention to your profile, establish a company page and post.

  1. If your focus is business-to-business, LinkedIn is the place your audience goes. Your potential customers are there researching xompanies just like yours. How will you stack up?
  2. People are looking at your profile and judging you. It is your online resume. Business owners and other professionals are determining whether you are someone they want to do business with, someone they want to employ or whether  you have the credentials and knowledge they are looking for.
  3. LinkedIn allows others to recommend you in specific areas of expertise. Potential clients see what others consider your strengths.

There are many other reasons to up your LinkedIn profile. If you need more information about creating or upgrading your LinkedIn profile or you need a Company page created, contact me


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