A Checklist for Non-Profits’ Online Presence

I’ve had several non-profit organizations ask me to review their sites and make recommendations. While some non-profits have embraced their online presence and have a strategy for their websites and social media platforms, others struggle.

If you manage a non-profit website or social media presence, make sure you keep these quick tips in mind.

  1. Is it clear what you do? In journalism you’re taught to lead with: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? However some non-profits are not clear as to what they do, who they help and what is their mission. If potential donors don’t know what you do, they will not give you money. People’s attention spans are diminishing. Be clear and concise. Visitors to your site should be able to discren what you do within 15 seconds.
  2. Is it easy to donate? Your PayPal button should be front and center on the Home Page of your website. Putting up any type of barrier, even unintentional, will decrease donations. Make it easy.
  3. Is it visually appealing? Do you have compelling images that tell your story? Images that convey the hope your organization provides to people. Your site should draw people in.
  4. How do people volunteer? Not everyone can donate money. Sometimes people what to donate their time and talents. Have you made it easy to volunteer? Is it clear what opportunities are available? Do you have a fillable form and a mechanism in place to follow up with potential volunteers? All these things are important.
  5. How are you promoting events? Make events prominent on the Home page of your website. Promote events across your social media platforms using the same images. Use PayPal to submit payment and create easy fillable forms to sign up.
  6. When was your last update? Keeping your information current and up-to-date keeps your non-profit visible on the web. Make sure that you are posting frequently and providing updates to your donors and potential donors.

While many non-profits have honorable missions and intentions, they may be standing in their own way when it comes to getting the resources that they need. With some minor changes to their online presence, non-profits can increase revenue to help them carry out their mission.


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