Lessons I have learned from my daughter

I use this blog to talk about Social Media Marketing. Changes, strategies and challenges. But it’s Mother’s Day today and I am feeling particularly reflective about life and the lessons it teaches you.

As a small business owner, I often times find that I am hampered by fears. Fears that I will not make the right business decision and it will cost me money or customers. Fear of spending too much money or not enough. Fear of pursuing opportunities and the what happens if I don’t pursue them. When I think about fear, I think about my daughter who is absolutely fearless.

Although she is sometimes afraid, she never let’s that hold her back from making a decision. It sometimes makes it difficult to be her mother as I must just hold on tight and pray, but it has made her an incredible human being.

When she was nine or ten, she decided she wanted to play lacrosse. At that time none of her friends were playing lacrosse, but she wanted to play lacrosse and “reminded” me every day to sign her up. The first year, we missed the deadline so after a year of “reminding” me, she played the next year and for several years after that.

Then she was on the Internet and found a program at Princeton through the Center for Talented Youth on “Genocide and Political Torture”. She was 14. She didn’t want clothes or make up or anything else, she wanted to go to this program at Princeton. So we decided to forego our vacation and she attended the program.

This trend continued throughout her life. She raised money to go to Gutamela on Winter Break in College and studied abroad in London. We supported her, but she lead the charge. When she received a job offer in New York City before she graduated from college, she negotiated the salary and moving expenses, at 20 years old, and moved there  not having any real close connections.

In the past two years, she has changed jobs, met her now husband, quit her job, moved to Australia, finished graduate school, got married and is now moving to Singapore for her next career. She is 24.

Sometimes I wish I had half the confidence she does to know I am making the right decision or at least to accept the consequences of a wrong decision. Sometimes I struggle with the decision as to what to have for lunch.

Imagine what you could do if you followed your instincts. I think the problem is that our instincts get covered up with the fear of what we have to lose instead of weighing what we have to gain.

So this Mother’s Day, I will be grateful that God has blessed me with such an amazing daughter and I will try to learn to not let fear stand in the way of what my instincts are telling me is the right thing to do.

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