What I Learned From Chalene Johnson About Social Media Marketing?

I really had no idea what to expect when this little (she is very small in stature), blonde, women jumped onto the stage of Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. As a member of the Beach Body Family, of course I knew who she was, and was impressed by her lively spirit and vitality. What I didn’t expect was that she was a social media marketing genius.

Her disarming style belied her cunning as a marketing genius. Where the marketing professionals had failed, she was able to achieve amazing results with very little outlay of funds.

After several failed attempts to promote her fitness training programs through professionally directed and choreographed Infomercials, Chalene decided that if the audience saw the real Chalene, then her product would be successful. So she asked her promoter’s if she could shoot the Informercial herself, on her cell phone. They said, “Why not?” So she shot it and edited it on her iPhone with little professional assistance.

She started promoting her video through social media and then after being wildly successful on the Internet, she put it back on television. If you haven’t seen her smiling face on one of your screens, google her. Her motto and formula for success is, “Be real.” Her video in her home with her dog has been more successful than an expensive studio shoot with a big time celebrity.

Another lesson she revealed was make sure you collect emails so you can connect with your clients and potential clients. She stressed the importance of having a direct means to connect customers and build an email list. Someone may say no the first time, but after receiving several offers, the browser may turn into a buyer.

However, in her opinion, you must offer something in exchange for an email. She offers  exclusive content to individuals who give her their email address: an Ebook, white paper, etc. Once she has the email, she promotes her products through various offers and has a good conversion rate.

Her products are fitness programs, but what she is selling? Chalene is selling a solution to people’s weight loss, health and fitness issues. She says it’s important for you as a marketer to define the “problem” your product will solve, let people know what you figured out, how you figured it out and what is the possibility if they choose your solution. Throw in some expert testimony and individuals who have been successful using your solution and you are almost there.

But what about price? Since price is often a huge concern for potential customers, Chalene suggested comparing the price of your solution to alternative options and explaining why it is a better option. She also recommended tempering customers’ concerns, by reducing the risk to taking action. She offers a money back guarantee. Not everyone can do that, but she has found it to be an effective marketing tool.

Of course, Chalene includes call to action (CTA) in all her marketing whether it be email, video etc. She wants to close the deal.

Of course, she wants to make money, but Chalene also wants to help people fulfill their goals and she believes, she has the answer.

Chalene has found that by marketing an outstanding product, creating a real message and designing an effective marketing campaign, that not only can she achieve her goals, but can also help others achieve theirs.

She lives by the motto, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel” — Carl Buehner.

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