Content Marketing: The Most Important Thing I Learned at Social Media Marketing World #SSMW17

Mind blown! My universe shifted. I know the secret to marketing and maybe to the Universe. Post Good SH*T – Guy Kawaski, social media guru.

He introduced me to the idea of content marketing during the conference. I had heard the phrase, but didn’t really understand it.

Everyone in the workshop laughed at the simplicity and vulgarity of the message. But the concept didn’t really hit me until Marcus Sheridan reinforced the message with, They Ask You Answer. He said to think about what questions your audience would ask and answer their questions. Boom! Mic drop.

Now you might be sitting there like, duh! But how many businesses actually do that. Instead, they tell the customer what they think they should know. Or worse, what they want them to know.

The concept of social media marketing without content marketing is like cleaning your house during a fire. The first thing you have to do is PUT OUT THE FIRE!

If you aren’t providing people with the information they need. then it doesn’t matter how many flipping ad words you buy, they’re not going to consume it.

Why do I say consume? Because, it doesn’t have to be written. It can be a blog, stupid name, or it video, podcast or Webinar. Give people the information they want and they will come to your Website, or your Facebook page, or you blog.

Some people would say that customers don’t know what they want. Yes they do! Customers know what questions they have and the first thing they do is — wait to it — Google it! (I know excessive use of ! is frowned upon, but I am excited.)

But they don’t Google, “Why is my carburetor making that noise?” They don’t know what a carburetor is and if they did, they would probably fix it themselves. They want to know, “Why is my car making that funny sound when I turn the key?”


  • How can I make my flowers last longer?
  • How can I tell if a cantaloupe is ripe?
  • Or how much will it cost?

We’ll handle that last one in another blog. For now be thinking, what are the questions real customers have and how can I help them get the answers. If you do, you will have a customer for life.

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