Mishandling Social Media Could Lead to Major Financial Loses

In the age of social media, one misplaced tweet or post could cost a company millions of dollars or could cost you your job.

This week Uber found out how quickly a misplaced tweet could cost a company not only millions of dollars, but also its reputation.

When the New York taxis imposed a one hour strike at JFK to oppose Trump’s Muslim band, Uber thought it would step in and help. Offering, not only to give travelers rides, but also to forego its premium pricing. The CEO Travis Kalanick, claims he was not endorsing the Muslim band nor was he trying to break the strike, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of individuals from deleting their Uber app. Not only that, but his also presence on the President’s Strategic and Policy forum has branded him a Trump sympathizer.

Not only has the movement to #DeleteUber taken hold, but also Lyft has taken the opportunity to offer donations to the ACLU for every ride.

No matter your political affiliation, multiple lessons can be learned.

  • Think through and plan all tweets.
  • Know your audience.
  • Take advantage of the missteps of your competitors.

At this point, its unclear as to whether or not Uber will be able to come back from this. If nothing else, it will be an expensive proposition trying to regain its reputation.

In another social media lesson, a social media manager of Frederick County in Maryland was fired after making fun a student’s spelling in a tweet. Neither the child, nor his parents complained, but the manager is now out of a job. She was new to the job and thought the school system should have given her a warning. They did not.

Social media is a powerful tool. Used incorrectly, it may be the most expensive mistake you ever make.



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