Small Business Owners Can Help Each Other on Social Media

You’re on social media. Your customers are on social media. So why are you not connecting?

It may be a problem with real estate.

There’s only so much space in a newsfeed and both personal and commercial posts are vying for the same property. Sometimes it’s difficult to get traction.

But just like the Beatles, you can “Get by with a little help from your friends.”

Working with other business owners can actually help both your business and their business with visibility on social media.

How does it work?

1) Find other businesses on social media that would be complimentary to your business. These may be other businesses in your community or businesses that you do business with.

2) “Like” those pages as your business page so they will become part of your Newsfeed.

3) When you see those businesses come up in your feed, make sure to like and comment. If you see that the business is using a particular hashtag, make sure to use it as appropriate. You can even share that business’ posts on your business or personal pages.

4) Different platforms evaluate interaction differently. On Instagram, only a comment of three words makes an impact in the algorithm. So be mindful when helping your partners. Don’t simply go through liking all the posts, make sure to also comment.

5) If another business comments on your page, make sure to respond with a “like”and comment.

6) When appropriate, tag other businesses in your post.

Working together as a community to help other businesses is good for everyone. Not only will other businesses be more likely to share your posts, but also, it demonstrates to your customers you commitment to community.

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3 Reasons You Should Follow Other Business Pages and How To Do It

Have you ever wonder what other businesses are doing to get customers in the door? Have you ever wished you were a fly on the wall listening to all of your competitors ideas? Or maybe you’re wondering how to support other businesses in the community?

Here’s how you can do all those things in a few easy steps

Everything you want to know about your competitors, partners or friends is on social media. You can find out:

  1. Specials they are offering
  2. Customers opinions about them
  3. Their next great idea

Of course, you can like all their pages and wait for them to come up in your newsfeed, but there are easier ways to get the information you need in one place.

You can like other pages as your page.

To like a pages as you page, go to the Facebook page you want to “like” and click on the three dots next to share.

Then choose “Like Page as Your Page.”

like a page as a page

Once you have liked the page as your page you can access it from your page in two ways.

On the right-hand side of your page, there is a section “Pages Liked By Your Page”.

like page as your page 2


The names are visible on the right side of your page. Click on any name and you will be taken to that page. For more pages, click on the > next to “Pages Liked By This Page.” All the pages you have liked will be there.




There is another way to see the pages in a newsfeed so you can see them all together, how often they are posting and what they are posting.

Create your own personal url. If you go to:********/pages_feed, then you will see a newsfeed of the pages you have liked. (The asterisks represent your page name.) This is a great, easy way to check out what other pages are doing. (Thanks to Martin Kaiser for helping me find an answer to this question.)

This is one more way to make social media work for you. If you need help with your social media, DM me @itsallgeek2me or email me at




The Transformation of Netflix: How can you apply the lessons to your business?

Did you spend the holiday vacation watching BirdBox on Netflix? Well, apparently 45 million people around the world did.

Without a doubt Netflix is an example of an organization that is constantly transforming itself in order to stay relevant in the marketplace and as a result has grown into an entertainment powerhouse.  My how things have changed.

How Netflix Began

Some of us remember when Netflix began as a DVD subscription service.  The convenience of having movies delivered to your doorstep with no late fees seemed revolutionary.  But then came streaming services and Netflix changed to meet the new market demand by offering not only movies, but also TV series that could be streamed at will. The concept of binging was born.

But it didn’t stop there. Now Netflix is producing original content. Content that is not only increasing viewership, but also garnering accolades including Emmy nominations. The only similarity between the Netflix at its inception and the Netflix now is the name.

Holding on to What Works

More than one company has gone out of business chasing trends and expanding too quickly. The lesson of Netflix is not change, change change.

The lesson is about listening to and monitoring the marketplace to determine what trends your business can take advantage of in the coming year. Moreover, it’s important to know when and if to let go of products or services that are no longer working.

Imagine if Netflix was only mailing DVDs to people through a subscription service. Yes, it still offers that service and over 3 million people take advantage of it, but it is a small percentage of its business. Netflix would still be in business, but it never would have grown into the major corporation it is today.

How can you apply these lessons to your own business? 

Do you currently have a product or service that needs a revamp? Is it time to start home delivery or a subscription service for your product? Is there a company that is already in business you could partner with to give your product or services greater exposure? Or is time to rethink the whole concept of what you offer?

Think about how Uber and Lyft have turned the transportation industry on its head. What seemed revolutionary is now mainstream. Sometimes it’s easy to criticize new ideas and focus on why they won’t work or even try to fight against them. Think about taxi companies suing Uber.

This year look at ideas with fresh eyes and think if incorporating them into your business could be transformative.

What’s next for Netflix? Black Mirror is a movie that premiered over the holiday season where the viewer controls the content. The viewer actually makes decisions throughout the movie that influence the arch of the story. It even tells you when you’ve “gone the wrong way.” There are 5 different endings.

Happy 2019. No matter the size of your business. Think like Netflix and chances are you’ll be ending the year in a better place than you began.


Shopping Small is More Important Than Ever This Year

2018 was a challenging year for businesses in the Catonsville and Ellicott City area. A weekend of rain left businesses devastated, many of whom are still feeling the affects of the Memorial Day flood.

But entrepreneurs are tough! Many of them have decided to continue in business despite the challenges. They are rebuilding and remaining in the community. However, it has not been easy.

As a small business consultant, I have been helping these businesses regrow their customer base. Amazon and other online companies make it difficult to compete.

So why support a small businesses?

  • They offer unique, one-of-a-kind gifts and personalized service.
  • If there is a problem, you know who to call and you talk to a real person.
  • They are willing to customize.
  • They will go out of their way to help you find what you are looking for.
  • They employ individuals in the community.
  • They keep their dollars local.
  • They often give back to the community with time and money.

No one is telling you to abandon your online shopping, but this season, reconnect with your community. Shop Small on Saturday and other days throughout the holiday season. It’s a great way to make your holiday special while helping those in your community.

Could Profinder be right for your business?

LinkedIn is more than just a place to find a job. It can also be a great way to grow your business. Profinder is a part of LinkedIn that allows you to find professionals for your business as well as bid on proposals for other businesses.

As a small business owner, you know that sometimes finding contracts or your first gig can be challenging. ProFinder may be a good place to begin.

  • What freelancers need to know?
  • Profinder is free.

    Profinder is accessible through the LinkedIn website.
    Profinder is not available for all industries.
    You need to apply to be part of Profinder.
    You will submit a proposal and be bidding against other consultants.
    Most requests for proposals have very short deadlines.

To find out more information about applying go to:

What clients need to know?

  • Profinder is free for potential clients.
  • Some requests are better fits than others.
  • Your request will close when you receive 5 proposals or after 48 hours.

To find more information about Profinder, go to:

You can access Profinder at and them click on the grid next to your profile picture.

For more information about Profinder or other aspects of LinkedIn, contact me at:

The Key to Success in Business: The Integrity of the Moment

I heard this phrase awhile ago when I was reading something by Steven Covey. The concept is pretty simple and yet very powerful. At every moment, you are either moving closer to your goals or farther away.

Goals are not achieved solely by huge actions and big risks, but in the day to day decisions you make.

I used this concept when I was teaching Weight Watchers. When your trying to lose weight, your decision not to eat that extra cookie or to get up off the sofa and go to the gym will move you closer to your goal. Eating that cookie, moves you farther away. It’s not that a single cookie will cause weight gain, it’s more that making many small decisions to eat cookies or doughnuts, etc. moves you away from where you want to be.

Even a non-decision can move you anyway from your goal. If you stay put on the sofa, you are deciding to move away from your goal.

How does this apply to business? Think about it. Did you make any decisions today that moved you closer or farther away from your goals?

Maybe you made the decision to take five minutes to follow up with that contact you made at a recent networking event. Or maybe you decided to sleep in instead.

Maybe you decided to stay up and finish your blog rather than going to bed early.  There’s a possibility that no one will read it, but then again, maybe they will.

Sometimes we give up on ourselves before we even try. We think, that the small actions don’t matter, but they do.

Today, think about that one action you can take to move you closer to your goal. Something that you have been putting off because it didn’t seem important. Those actions, put together, could set you on your path to success.

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Should Your Business Still Be On Social Media?

The other day I was reading an article in Forbes about the demise of social media. I read the article to find out, if not social media then what. I was waiting for the big reveal, but it never came.

True there are people taking breaks from social media or even deleting their accounts. The algorithm can have a negative effect on organic reach. But there are still reasons why social media still makes sense for small businesses.

  1. It brings your business up higher in the Google ranking. — Having multiple locations online where your business can be found will raise your Google ranking since most people never go past the first page of results.
  2. Customers still check out businesses on social media. This is a great way for businesses to inform customers about sales, promotions. etc. It also give businesses an opportunity create  personality. To post information about employees, the background story of the business and behind the scenes information.
  3. It’s cheap to advertise. Businesses can advertise for less money than almost any other vehicle. Also, advertising can be targeted to your specific audience. When you advertise on Facebook, the ad also shows up on Instagram.  You can also set up your advertising to show up on other sites.

What can you do to make social media more effective?

  1. When people do interact, make sure you are responsive.  Like comments and reply to comments on your page.  Respond to messages. Let people know you are there and listening.
  2. Boost posts. Don’t just boost sales posts, boost posts that tell people more about your company. Don’t post boosts that link the reader to other websites or articles.
  3. Think about what your readers want. Make your page fun, informative and entertaining.
  4. Share posts from your business page to your personal page.

Your presence on social media is still important, but always be looking for the next big thin. That’s what I do! If you need help with your online presence, let’s connect

Why Tim Cook Should Hire Me?

I was reading an article yesterday entitled, “Why Tim Cook Should Hire Your Grandmother?” It was an interesting read about how young the tech world works and how they just don’t understand the needs of the aging population.

Some of you might not even know who Tim Cook is. He’s the new Steve Jobs at Apple and has lead the company to be the first Trillion dollar company. But Tim, there’ still room to grow.

I’m not a grandmother, although I am technically old enough to be one. But I have many other qualities besides my age that make me a great hire for Apple. If you know Tim Cook, have him give me a call.

1.I love Apple. I have an iPhone, iPad, a MAC and AirPods. I own Apple stock. I even have a t-shirt from the headquarters. I am the company’s biggest cheerleader.

2. I am a teacher. I have spent my life teaching multiple subjects from public speaking to weight loss to social media marketing. I am good at learning things well enough so I can explain them to others.

3. I am good at figuring things out. I am not afraid of pushing buttons until I find a solution. And if there is a way to break something, I’m find it.

4. I have an Internet following and a social media presence so I will be able to promote new products and push out information.

5. I am a tech interpreter. I can decode the information that the techies are distributing and break it down into language that my fellow Boomers can understand.

So Tim Cook if you’re reading this, I’m ready to negotiate.

Let me know if there’s anyone out there what wants to join me at Apple headquarters. Maybe we can give him a discount for bundling.

Just in case Tim doesn’t call, I am available to help you with your social media needs whether you want one time consulting or ongoing social media management. Contact me at:

Know Your Contest Rules: Don’t End Up in Facebook Jail

Your business needs a little push and you think a contest may be just the ticket to get you noticed, Facebook has strict rules concerning contests and violating them could cause your page to be suspended or shut down.

While contests can be fun, it’s best to have a quick review of the rules:

  • Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.
  • If you use Facebook to communicate or administer a promotion (ex: a contest or sweepstakes), you are responsible for the lawful operation of that promotion, including:
    • The official rules;
    • Offer terms and eligibility requirements (ex: age and residency restrictions); and
    • Compliance with applicable rules and regulations governing the promotion and all prizes offered (ex: registration and obtaining necessary regulatory approvals).
  • Personal Timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions (ex: “share on your Timeline to enter” or “share on your friend’s Timeline to get additional entries”, and “tag your friends in this post to enter” are not permitted).

This is the most common violation I see on Facebook. In addition, while you can ask people to like your page, you cannot require it as part of the contest.

For more information about Facebook contest rules, go to:

If you need more help with Facebook or other social media, send me an email:

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